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About MyBlood Charitable Blood Center

Mahesh Foundation, under its health program, aims establish MyBlood Charitable Blood Center to bridge the gap between blood donors and receivers. Every day, a great many individuals – give humane consideration to those in need. Donors and volunteers share a mission of preventing and relieving all type of suffering, here at home and all around the globe. We are resolved to be a consistent life saver to one's lives, bringing smiles that merit a thousand words. Mahesh Foundation is all about "saving lives". Mahesh Foundation is dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting human lives and dignity and responding to emergencies. Mahesh Foundation works diligently to establish technological concepts that help society as a whole. We are a social organization that strives through learning and hard work to provide the best outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Encourage blood donation among youth and bridge the gap between donors and needy.

Our Vision

To make available life-saving blood, prevent and relieve the suffering of people from lack of blood.


Ensuring transparency in blood collection and supply and enabling access to blood to everyone in need.

Operational Team

Mahesh Foundation leadership collective comprising of Regional and Functional Directors who provide strategic direction to organizational objectives.

Board Of Advisory

Mahesh Foundation wisdom collective which shares a firm belief in the value of public trust and holds children’s interests above all else

Our Team

One of Mahesh Foundation’s biggest strengths is its people, who ensure they strive to fulfill the organization’s mission and vision while upholding its values.

Donate Blood and Be a Hero by Saving Lives.

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