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Want to Know About Blood Donation
One Blood Donation Can Save Upto Three Lives
Donate Blood, Donate Life
Any one healthy between age 18-65 year male at interval of 3 months and female at 4 months can donate blood
Being a Donor or Receiver

Know more about blood testing and safety.

Blood Type and Compatibility

Learn more about different blood types and compatibility.

Blood Components and SDP

Learn more about blood components and single donor platelet.

Donation Process

Know about donation steps, before, during and after blood donation.

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Blood Utilization

Learn about what happens to your donated blood.

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Eknath Shinde
Chief Minister of Maharashtra
We are proud to have an institution like Mahesh Foundation that is working for the upliftment of HIV-positive children. Their hard work and dedication is the reason behind this achievement. Mahesh Foundation has become a role model for all of us which inspires us to contribute to society.
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